Getting Around San Jose

The San Jose station to connect to the various Amtrak lines is the Diridon Station. To reach this station from the airport, take the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) number 10 bus or the "Flyer" to the light rail Metro/Airport station. From here, take the Mountain View/Winchester Light Rail Train to Diridon Station. To reach Amtrak, visitors want to take the Mountain View/Winchester Light Rail Train. The line can be reached from downtown San Jose as well by taking VTA local bus lines. Lines 181, 64, 66 and 68 connect various downtown areas with the Diridon Station.

Light Rail Train
The Light Rail Trains connect the downtown area to most of the major sites of interest for tourists. These include theaters, the arena, museums and the downtown business and shopping areas. These are essentially streetcars that run through the major downtown areas. There are three major lines, all beginning with the number 9. Most of the downtown areas can be reach using the Santa Teresa- Alum Rock train. From the light rail stops, most locations are in easy walking distance. The lines also meet the downtown bus lines.

VTA Buses
Despite being the third largest city in California, San Jose does not have the urban bus lines that exist in other cities. Despite this, there are plenty of buses available to reach the downtown, business and airport areas. If, however, you need to travel to a residential area, you may need to use private transportation.

Rental Cars
San Jose is a drivable city with parking in most areas. A rental car is a good way to travel in the area, since in some city areas there is very limited public transportation. There are a number of car rental companies at the airport; a taxi can also take visitors to a rental location in the city.

Taxis are plentiful at the airport and in the downtown area. Rates are set by the city and may be cheaper if a taxi is hired from the downtown area.

Many hotels have free shuttles from the airport to the downtown and airport areas. San Jose is a highly walkable city without hills, so many visitors find they do not need transportation if they plan to stay in the areas near their hotel.

San Jose is a safe and easy city to walk in. There are no hills in the valley, and most of the tourist areas are actually close together in the downtown area. Many people walk to shopping, the arena or a show, and then catch a taxi back at the end of the day when they are tired.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) does not run in the city of San Jose at this time. It stops in Fremont. However, BART connects with most other areas of the San Francisco Bay Area. A visitor wanting to use BART needs to take the number 181 bus from the Light Rail Train Civic Center Station to the BART station in Fremont.

The ACE train is a local train designed to bring folks from the Modesto and Stockton valleys to the San Jose area. The ACE train makes several stops in San Jose and the local county and visitors can use the train to travel around the city. The ACE trains can be reached at the Amtrak Didiron station.